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The latter rain or Malkosh “The Final outpouring” “Joel 2:28-32” | First International Church

In the prophetic book of Joel chapter 2 we read a final outpouring of the Holy Spirit stated where the parched ground of the world will receive its final visitation before the last harvest of the earth. Nearly 2000 years ago in the year of our Lord’s passion, the Holy Spirit fell on the 120 gathered in the upper room. Right there in Jerusalem, the city of God’s peace, the Holy Spirit came down in a glorious flooding wave. On the very calendar day of the Jewish feast, (fifty days after the Feast of First fruits), the Day of Pentecost had fully arrived. The momentous events came right on schedule at nine o’clock in the morning; the Feast of Pentecost came into its New Covenant fulfillmentThe same will happen with all God’s promises in all generations

Apostle Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost and spoke of the prophecy of Joel in regards to the promise of the Lord to send the first fruit of His Holy Spirit’s out pouring inscribed in Joel chapter 2. However this prophecy has a twofold fulfillment or two portions to it. First is the outpouring of the promised first fruit and secondly it is the final out pouring of His Spirit which is known as the “latter Rain” or its Hebrew word “Malkosh”. Here is where we want to put our emphasis today. We know that we have seen small localized visitations by the Spirit here and there in these “Yomim Akharit” or last days, but the second half of Joel 2:30-32 is awaiting its final fulfillment in the very last week of Daniel’s seventieth week. The outpouring experienced by the Apostles were only the first fruit of what now we expect to witness its final restorative work. This is what we need to live for in these final days.


There will, according to Joel, indeed be a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days. – Joel 2:28-32 this mighty outpouring will come upon all flesh for glory or for judgment. It will involve the whole world. So our days of stale compromised Christianity must end at some point. We do indeed have a wonderful hope of a genuine latter day revival. It has been promised and it will surely come. But this blockbuster of a revival will come to us right at the grand finale of this age. The Holy Spirit will pour out in the midst of those very end-time events that we were told are going to be “all bad”. In fact, the End-Time Revival will build up right in the latter half of those final 7 years of this age. Oh yes. This will be powering up during the grand finale of this age, the Great Tribulation period.

Dear saints, for us in the west this is definitely a ‘hard saying’. We want a revival. But we want it our way and on our terms. We forget that we serve a sovereign God. For many of us the very idea of God upsetting our carefully maintained command and control systems in the status quo is a real shock. Most of us are completely unaware of the end-time Revival and how it will happen in the trials and travails of the woman of Revelation 12. We have not been told about this before. But we must face the Holy Scriptures squarely and honestly here. We must search the scriptures and discover for ourselves what the Bible is telling us in true and faithful Berean fashion. Then we must believe what the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit is telling us. If Joel saw the peak of the Holy Spirit outpouring at the sixth seal in the days of a darkened sun and a bloody moon then we can readily see that this end-time revival climaxes in the Apocalypse, or the unveiling of Messiah.

The outpouring the prophet Joel saw and our Apostle Peter spoke about 2,000 years ago at its beginnings will come to its appointed climax or its peak in those awesome final days of this age, the 6th seal days of a darkened sun and a bloody moon. This actual climactic peak of Joel’s outpouring will come with the return of Messiah as He re-enters this cosmos at the end of this present age. Jesus Himself told us when those cosmic signs of a darkened sun and a bloody moon would be seen. Jesus told us specifically and clearly that “after the tribulation of those days the sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood.” It will be then that the sign of the Son of Man would be seen in the heavens. - Mat.24:29-31 these then are the late 6th seal cosmic signs seen at the end of this age. It is in this late time period that Joel saw the Holy Spirit outpouring come to its very peak. This is a confirmed and sure fact’s of Holy Scripture.

We have this picture in Joel of the church of the last days being on fire with the Holy Spirit. We have this symbolism in James about the Holy Spirit coming as the “latter rain” to prepare the harvest. Then we have this terrible picture of the church of the last days being lukewarm. How do you reconcile these three pictures to get a fix on the work of the Holy Spirit in the last days? Let’s pick up the verses that we skipped to find an answer to the previous question. Read Revelation 3:17-18. What is the solution to the condition of the Laodicean’s? (To get new eyes to recognize their spiritual condition, to get fresh out of the fire and to put on the robe of righteousness.) How much of that is the work of the Holy Spirit? (All of it is “Spirit work.” We have this end time picture of a lukewarm or even dead church. It is rich and self-reliant. Out of that church arises a group fired by the Holy Spirit.

As the “latter rain” comes, these are people who by the power of the Spirit realize their spiritual nakedness, and turn to God. The Holy Spirit fires them into this powerful group which has an extraordinary connection with the Holy Spirit. They have extraordinary spiritual power. This on-fire group brings in the last harvest in preparation for Jesus’ Second Coming.) The scriptures clearly tell of a genuine blockbuster Holy Spirit revival. It will fire up towards the end of this age. As we shall see later on in this article it will come in the context of end-time events which include the final siege of Jerusalem by armies mustering on the plains of Armageddon. - Joel 2:28-32Zechariah 12:10-13:1 This will be a revival of great splendor. - Isa.60. So we must not give up hope of seeing this great move of God. It will surely come. In this great revival or the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the Church and Israel will be truly one I believe

The scriptures indicate the Judeo-Christian people will come into the refining fire of the end-time together. - Micah 2:12-13 they will come into confluence in association with the unveiling of many mysteries. Messiah will bring His peace to both estranged Houses of Israel, the royal house and the priestly house. No longer will God’s covenant people be bundled as ‘the Church’ and ‘the Jews’. Rather, both will emerge from the crucible of the latter days as a single flow of refined silver of redemption and refined gold of glory. - Zech.13:9, Mal.3:3 Remnant Israel and the remnant Church will come together as a single remnant Elect.  It will be a time of renewal and of rediscovery in God. He is the promised Sacrifice Lamb. He is the One who died for us.The Church and Israel, as wanton Gomer, will find true love at last, even in the Valley of Achor, (tribulation). - Hos.2:15 She will go on beyond calling Him ‘my Lord’(Baali). She will go deeper into her relationship with the One who redeemed her from the slave market. She will come to love Him. And in this new deeper relationship she will come to call Him ‘my Beloved’ (Ishi).

I believe this final out pouring of the Holy Spirit is going to bring many end time miracles and great signs and wonders promised to all who are diligently waiting for God’s final act of restoration before His final harvest of this world. The glory of the latter temple here would be much greater than before. Yes Isaiah 60 would really be fulfilled here where it says “Arise and shine your light has come…” However along the same time an apostate church too would remain untouched I believe since in the parable of the 10 virgins 5 remained in their state of apostasy. It was too late and to hard for them to collect, what they could have while the delay was happening.

Therefore Let us be encouraged as the day is approaching our hope too is drawing near. He who has promised is faithful and will send the latter rain, since the ground of the Church and the world is very dry. Since as He gave us the first fruit so He has promised to give us the latter rain of His own outpouring too.

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