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Perils of Mental Assent or worshiping our molded mental image. | First International Church

12Mental assent can be one of the greatest enemies of a life of faith, instead of the true Biblical faith.

What is mental assent?

Mental assent is a subtle form of self-deception, just one step removed from hypocrisy.

In Mat. 19:20, a young man said to Jesus, “All these things have I kept from my youth up: then tell me what do I lack?”

He was claiming to have real Bible faith, but the truth was that he had mental assent, instead of real faith. The way that he reacted to Jesus’ reply proves it. Since our mind has a capacity for itself to picture or create a set of  imaginations, therefore it can deceive us into believing anything it wants to as truth, where it could be in reality very much far from it.

The overwhelming mental capacity that God has created in us can always be also a hindrance in us to see the spiritual side of real truth also.

The Bible shows us that we could be deceived unto believing that we have been saved , or have believed in God, yet this could be just a mere deception from our mental assent and have no substance to it at all, and this is the most dangerous thing that anyone can be deceived into.

The reason for this is that we could grasp mentally who God is and profess to have found faith in Him, yet our actions could completely deny the spiritual reality of it.

James the brother of our Lord said that faith with out actions is dead.

The rich young rulers story was just a basic demonstration of a mental assent. The Young man understood God’s command’s in a doctrinal or mental stage, yet was not ready to act upon his confessed belief by trusting God with His life. That was why the disciples immediately questioned Jesus” then who could be saved?” You see the young ruler thought he had fulfilled the requirements of the written code of the Lord’s mandate and that he could enter into everlasting life by them, yet Jesus confronted him by the truth itself, which needed a higher obedience, which was of faith.

The mental assent of the truth is very far from the truth itself, that is why many are deceived in this hour of their true salvation. I believe this is why the Lord is once again shaking all that could be shaken that the true remnant could be saved.

I believe the protestant movement has also failed in a way that the Gospel is presented to people as a card blanch of a lip service in lieu of a obedience based salvation. Many have mental assent of God and His requirements, yet they are naked or barren from its eternal spiritual truth.

It terrifies me of the perils of such mental fallacy representing itself as the truth, and that how many are victims of it’s cruel deception. That is why Jesus answered to the disciples that salvation which is the work of regeneration in the heart of man is done by the Father in illumination of His Son in their heart and not a mental assent. It is not by might not by power, but by the Spirit of God.

Today many in their vain imaginations of their hearts are trying to rely on their mental assent in theirpursuit of God and eternal life, where it all is just a fabrication of their minds in it’s deception through vain imagination. That is why many are now offended at God as Matthew 24th chapter is foreseeing, since in their inner most being they are not illuminated  through  the work of regeneration. They are like autumn trees naked lacking true fruit unto eternal life.

The other sad depth of  this fallacy called the mental assent  also is….

“ the vain imaginations of men and women of the true faith who are mentally shaping images of their imaginations and are expecting God to fulfill them.” This group take their ambitions and mental imaginations and are demonstrating it as God’s and are trying to bring them to pass by the power of their carnal minds. They meditate on their own dreams and shape idols in their minds and after labeling them after God’s own name are trying to make God to be come the author of their dreams. These group of dreamers, when their dreams are not materializing in the natural, either get mad at God and walk away or are now trying to fulfill them in the natural by their own carnal efforts.

It is so scary to watch this group fail in these last days, their end is nothing but a huge mess, where many around them even suffer by the predicaments of their mental assent. These are the author of their own confusion called false discouragement.

These blame God for not performing, when God was nowhere to be found in their delusions. Some of these verbally confess the promises of God on their lives when their mental assent has been the relating factor of their so called faith. Some in this group have allowed their minds deceive them into believing that God is telling them certain things about their future, where God has never spoken to them. In these groups can fall even as I said genuine believers if they let their minds fool them in having illusion for truth.

Most in this group have shaped their own God’s in allowing their expectations to shape ideologies about God that is so far away from the truth. Prophet Isaiah in chapter 29 and 30 speaks of these believers who are the victim of their own deception.

They usually twist the truth to serve their lie. As though seeking for truth, they fabricate a lie and beautify it by their own delusion even using the scripture to wrap them in.

It is always good to believe in God given promises in Christ for a genuine regenerated beleiver, yet is very dangerous when we start becoming the potter instead of God. You see many of the genuine believers too fall into this false mental assent that causes them to loose their real faith, when they start to mold an image of their liking and then expect for the True God to perform it.
Many times we forget He is the Putter and we are the clay.

Oh that how we have many idols on our own potters wheal and when we realize the truth about them we are so disappointed with God that is no joke.

I know even many legitimate dreams placed on the wrong  wheal and  then I hear the cry’s of those people when it does not come out the way they expected and this is another evil under the Sun.

In all this we forget Jeremiah’s words that says.

I AM The Potter, You are the clay.

The peril of mental assent is a dangerous deception directed to us in all aspects and come from all dimensions. It’s victims are young and old and it’s sting is very bitter. The Lord speaking to the prophet Jeremiah made sure he would physically visit a potters house and there He was able to speak to the prophet, why? I believe one reason could have been the experiential aspect of the whole thing. People today have their own mental assent of who they think God is or What He likes or dislikes, yet it is after experiencing Him personally that they can only know Him in reality.

Christians like me like to quote the many Names of God and they are all beautiful, but in reality it is after when I have encountered them experientially in my life that I really understand their true meaning for me. Before that they all are only a part of a mental assent for us.

Only the true potter knows the substance of the clay and the durability of it since it is Him who has created it’s material from it’s inception. We like to seldom choose our own destiny and that is why we start shaping our own dreams for our lives even Christian dreams. We give God the blue print and then say here you are Lord please, please shape it into existance for me. Forgetting soon that we do not have a clue about our own substance and nature and whether we can even endure under our own manufactured dreams.

We say Lord I want this and that in Your name and we think if we bring His name He will jump to molded in the likeness of our mental assent. I want to have a future wife or a husband in this image and likeness, forgetting the truth about our own weak frame. We ask for a ministry dream of our own not asking Him whether or not it will be the one designed and fit for us.

Just like Jacob we too have Rachel’s of our own dreams, for whom we are even ready to toil years under the sun, yet seldom ask God whether this was the one chosen for us by Him.

I am sure Jacob in his love for Rachel he had never even thought that she would one day steal her fathers idols and would even lie to cover her unbelief, even to the point that he had to swore an oath by which he lost her.

You see our best molded images of our mental assent could one day even kill our own best joy, yet our God given gifts will always supersedes the greatest challenges of this earthly and temporal lives. Just like Leah who stayed at Jacob’s side much longer than his own immature and carnal choice.

It was Leah who eventually knew God and called her last offspring Praise, yet her sister died while giving birth in pain.

Having said all this I have to close with these words. Let us cry out to Him Who only can save.

Let us tell Him we need to have faith and not our own mental assent.

Let us ask Him to give us His will and not our own best dream for us.

Let us ask Him to give us a faith that would go through fire like of the three men who went into fire to found the fourth Man there, Since this one was not a mental assent for sure, but the result of a genuine faith in action.

This one had an action of faith in it with results left on the Potters Mercy unto life.

May the Lord’s own grace guides us all to it’s heavenly habitation. A truth unsakable lasting eternity to come.

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