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Living On the threshing floor Is an excellent advice from a trusted Source | First International Church

Just like the advice of Naomi Ruth’s mother in law which was the demonstration of God’s love in Christ for His bride who is destined to reign with Him in the riches of His Kingdom glory is the life lived at threshing floor for the genuine believer in Christ.

This is the fullness of her devotion to Him in genuine at of worship. Psalm 45:10-14

“Listen , O daughter, considers and inclines your ear; Forget your own people also and your father’s house; so that the King will greatly desire your beauty;….

“Therefore wash yourself and anoint yourself, and put your garments upon you, and get down to the threshing floor: but do not make yourself known to the man, until he shall have done eating and drinking.”

“Then it shall be, when he lies down, that you shall notice the place where he lies; and you shall go in uncover his feet, and lie down; and he will tell you what you should do.”  “ So she went down to the threshing floor and did according to all her mother in-law instructed her.” As well as we all know best many characters in the Bible are the

Spiritual representation of the gentile bride of Christ or the Church, so was Ruth the Moabite daughter in law of Naomi.

This beautiful Old Covenant story is a very heartwarming story of redemption, that brings tears to our eyes if it is viewed through the lenses of prophetic symbolism  of Christ & His  inheritance in His beloved bride.  Naomi‘s selfless advise resembles all the advises that the Holy Spirit is giving His bride. He is the best counselor ever. Although at times the submission required to these councils may be very costly, but never the less they are always worthy of our obedience.

The word “Threshing floor” is not a commonly used word today unless we live in an agricultural setting. Many of us might not fully understand its significance even after it is spoken to us, but the reality of it never loses its meaning in the spirit. This is where Ruth  received her legal right for her inheritance with the man whom her mother in law had sent her to. Boaz the type of Christ our Redeemer.

Here she found her bridal favor through grace with him. A gentile widow became the heir of her x husband’s full inheritance by availing herself to the advice of her mother in law. Many of the Biblical scholars see this as the future reward of all who come from all walks of life and are grafted into the vine of God’s glorious people Israel in Christ. Ruth came in as a gentile and only a widow and got out as the bride of Yahweh.

This transformation came to her as a result of years of faithful obedience in spite of all kinds of tragic adversities in her life. She hoped where no redemption naturally seemed possible. She made a decision to cling to her mother in-law in spite of all challenges in a foreign land, and before their departure to the Holy Land she declared the God of Israel her God, when she had not yet seen any good from Him. She was not in faith for receiving anything for herself.

She remained faithful to a God whom she did not yet know, but she looked towards heaven in trusting this unkown God while still on earth. She chose to live or die with Naomi  in a foreign land. An amazing and rare commodity in these last days, even with the so called believers. In all her toil she remained hopefully trusting the advice of a trusted source ( Her Mother in law) . This proved her uncompromised Character of genuine fidelity and godliness.

While gleaning after her master’s filed the word says she decided to remain there for a full reward, and  for this even her bread and vine never ceased while there. She received supernatural care and provision in all protective love. Her banner there remained to be love, just as it is said in the Song of Songs. This faithful adherence of the advice of her mother in-law and the owner of the filed soon brought her to her most thrilling season of her faithful trust. This being secretly entering into the inner chambers of her master, owner. Trying to find her final refuge there. In it all her actions of faith required much courage and steadfastness of an unwavering trust in what was hoped for and not seen in the natural yet. She received it  all by her uncommon faith. She walked where many would not dare travel today.

She went to the threshing floor this is where her redeemer lived. An unknown scary place where many dread to enter.

The courage of this gentile bride was a clear demonstration of God’s grace to all who lose their lives for Christ sake. As Matthew in his gospel in chapter 10 verse 38 and 39 says, she took her own cross and followed after the Lord to the most self denying place of her journey with God. She did not find her life, but lost it for His sakes to find it there.

The threshing floor is the place of separation, sacrifice, and eventually sustenance. Ruth did not only work in the field of Boaz, but  remained there for a full reward of her inheritance in her Redeemer. Something many women would only gaze at from a far distance. As the Shulamite woman in the Song of Songs who inspired the daughters of Jerusalem to envy her love for her Beloved so did Ruth among many.

The threshing floor is the place where God’s fire of constant testing purifies the bride. It is the place where His redeeming grace is pounding on the wheat to remain pure.

It is the place where David bought to offer God a sacrifice upon God’s wrath being poured out on Israel’s sin. Threshing floor is where the motives of man’s heart are severally tested to stand and be purified seven times. The threshing floor is not the place for the cowardly. It is there that the deep things of the heart of men are exposed and it is there that Joseph named His son Ephraim. “ In the land of my affliction I became fruitful”. This being the exact purpose of our calling many times we avoid entering into it counting the cost. The Threshing floor is where the oxen stumbled and Uzzah died leaving the place with the name Perez Uzzah, or the outbreak against Uzzah. It was there where King Davidonce again learned to appreciate God and His ways over his own best efforts. Living on the threshing floor means living in Christ and to be constantly dealt with for purification of our souls.

It is here where the Character of Christ is developed in His own, and it is right there where the bridal romance begins to take its best course. Just like in the story of the book of Hosea, where the wilderness or the valley of Achor served as her best place of bridal effections. In her season of barrenness or severe testing of her love ( Gomer) the wife of prophet Hosea  symbolizing the old covenant bride of Yahweh begins to forsake all other, and even refuses to call on her Baals, but from there she would call on her heavenly beloved. This time not as her Master or Lord, but she will begin to call Him her husband.  Yes and it is from there that  suddenly He speaks comfort to her and give her, her own vineyards and the Valley of Achor as a door of hope.  “ Hosea 2:14-17

The Threshing floor at all times has meant the place of disciplined love and it is where the true care or love is provided for the  genuine  and true believers. It is the place where the Lord through Zachariah the prophet in chapter 13 verse 9 speaks of the one third that shall be left in Israel whom He will bring through fire and would refine them as silver is refined or test them as the gold is tested. He says it in this way “ They will then call on My name  and I will answer them. I will say, this is my people and each one will say “ The Lord is my God”.

Here again is just like in Isaiah 19 verse 25 where the Lord God will eventually call His own people “ Israel My Inheritance”.

It is to this end that few labor in faith among us.  It also helps to understand as Ruth entered willingly into the threshing floor where her future husband  rested, so they would continue to live there together while on earth until they would find their true eternal rest in Heaven

This describes the life of the true remnant bride of the heavenly beloved redeemer. This represents the life on the threshing floor. It is no longer a once in a while submission to His will, but it represents the willingness of a  co crucifying life of the bride  this side of heaven.

Here the remnant uncompromising bride has chosen to rest where her lover rests.

It is a sure and a steadfast place of continual blessing and sustenance, which will have its full reward in the Kingdom to come.

Here is where again the immature daughters of Jerusalem would not understand her love for her beloved. They would constantly ask her like in the book of song of songs, what does your husband have comparing to others that you constantly live on that crucified state? They just cannot understand the free will offering of the Shulamite bride of Christ.

This is because some like to avoid the threshing floor and never step in it willingly.

This means they want the benefits of the kingdom without being ready to suffer for it.

They reject Christ’s offer of love through His Holy Spirit in obedience of faith. These do not understand the meaning of the life lived on the threshing floor. While they are feasting with us, they refuse to go to the inner sanctuary of fullness of surrender. They are only in it for their own gain. These are in to enjoy the soon passing pleasures of this life and not for the eternal prize of heavenly reward of spending eternity with Him. They are refusing to see that a complete abandonment of their lives here on earth would earn them the true blessings of the age to come. They want the best of both worlds a true impossibility for His elect. May we escape this deadly trap by choosing to live with Him while here on earth on the threshing floor of His righteousness.


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